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Poster Archives. Alice in Chains, Fillmore SF 2009
Should we make some new tshirts? #zoltron #publicridicule
Came across a millennial stash of zoltron stickers from 2000. #cocainebusinessman #y2k
We screenprinted a small edition of 15 Vinyl Sticker Posters for the #primus gig last year in Toronto. If anyone is interested email and I’ll let you know when they are released.
Shipping #dieantwoord posters tomorrow.
I got a day job at Arby’s, but I deep fried my car keys. I rape and pillage like a Viking. On the weekends I like hiking.
Ron defaced by Hamburglar. More news at 11. Photo by @deathtraitor
Die Antwoord Fillmore poster drop @ 11am (pst) at
12 year old Kyler’s sharp dressed, tribute to Zoltron. Kid’s got skilllllls with a spray can.
Bordeaux installation photo with French pinup model @kath_lyn.g
Poster Release details: A very limited number of my #dieantwoord fillmore posters will be available this Thursday at 11am (pst) at - artist signed and numbered, offset lithos. #ninjarat #fillmore #posterart
Another fine installation by the hard working team at webcore® industries. #SF
18th and Mission, SF.