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A Cheap frame and off to Bordeaux. #gmo #omg
About to BBQ With some old friends.
Getting ready to screenprint about 20 one-color prints onto grocery bags and newsprint (and a single birch panel) which I’ll then paint,  rip, tear and deconstruct, before reconfiguring them all into a single portrait for an upcoming show. #pussyriot
Haha.. @gammalyte just broke out an uncut sticker sheet from my 1996 stoner rock band, The Infidel Castros. With our infamous #1 hit, “Nothing Paranormal About That.”
Burning screens.
I don’t mean to boast or set off amber alerts, but I just got a fat box of @abcnt1 shirts..
Foiled again.
Hopping Art Are.
Freedom of speech, just watch what you say…
Yolandi x Nadezhda
A patriot must always be prepared to defend her country against her government.
Listening to Electric Larry Land working on a Nadezhda piece. By the way, It’s ok to say Pussy.
A beautiful day in #Oakland.
More slot machine customizing..
If you like chicks with blades, follow the knife-wielding @elainepenwell