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Forgotten clear stickers from the MMXIII archives. Get one for your trapper keeper, adorn your Geo Metro, or use to silence your enemies. Available in assorted 15 packs at the #zoltron store or Free with an S.A.S.E. to Sticker Robot/MMXIII PO box 1189 woodacre ca 94973
Mmmmm… Silkscreen.
Colorways and Rainbows
Brand spanking new sticker packs available at - use discount code “Z20”
Who loves you?
Can’t we just let Krylons be Krylons?
New stickers, fresh off the press.
Retired Sue Nami stencil. Mounted on screenprint-collaged, coffee stained watercolor paper and floated in an antique Italian frame by Ringseis Design in Fairfax. Thanks Jim!
XX from #bdxlax in #bordeaux XX
storage wars
Bottom of the Barrel
From the depths of time and space.. #dinosaurjr poster from 2009
Oranne & Zoe helping set up in Bordeaux. #bdxlax
Shipping King Buzzo, #Disco Duck posters out today.