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Ella and Nemo.
This year, one lucky kid will get a special egg filled with despair and self loathing.. Happy Easter everyone!
1 of 3 #primus 2013 New Years posters printed on weathered copper military mother board. This was framed without glass, bolted to black gator board with custom made aluminum sex bolts. This piece, along with 10 others will be in display in Bordeaux in June. More details soon..
A Cheap frame and off to Bordeaux. #gmo #omg
About to BBQ With some old friends.
Getting ready to screenprint about 20 one-color prints onto grocery bags and newsprint (and a single birch panel) which I’ll then paint,  rip, tear and deconstruct, before reconfiguring them all into a single portrait for an upcoming show. #pussyriot
Haha.. @gammalyte just broke out an uncut sticker sheet from my 1996 stoner rock band, The Infidel Castros. With our infamous #1 hit, “Nothing Paranormal About That.”
Burning screens.
I don’t mean to boast or set off amber alerts, but I just got a fat box of @abcnt1 shirts..
Foiled again.
Hopping Art Are.
Freedom of speech, just watch what you say…
Yolandi x Nadezhda
A patriot must always be prepared to defend her country against her government.